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Suffolk County Community College Alumni Association

Mission Statement:

To enhance the well being of our student body, alumni, faculty, college and community by providing scholarships and establishing various social, athletic, cultural, economic and fund-raising events.

Suffolk County Community College, Alumni Relations

The Cottage – 533 College Road, Selden, NY 11784

Phone (631) 451-4941



Find Suffolk County Community College Alumni Association online:

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | WordPress | Pinterest | Flickr | Alumni Shop

Click here to make an online gift to support SCCC students and programs

African American Student UnionAASU logo

Category: Multicultural
Description: To educate African American students and all other students who are willing to learn about African culture and history.

Connect online Scccaasu@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook


African Peoples Association

Category: Multicultural
Description: APA builds wisdom on freedom, health, family, black power business, voting. Empowing students outside of the classroom with real life experiences and education.

Find us on Facebook

Black Male Associates NetworkBMN Logo

Category: Multicultural
Description: This organization is comprised of students, staff, faculty, administrators and community. Students who wish to be involved in this organization begin their involvement while accomplishing the 5 required tasks for acceptance into the Network. Faculty, staff, administrators and community members in the Associates Network are invited to attend the events planned by the membership and are asked to be members and are welcome to recruit others. The organization has required attire along with patches and ribbons indicating the successful accomplishment of the required tasks.

Connect online blackmalenetworkassciates@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook

Caribbean Student Association

Category: Multicultural
Description: To promote Caribbean history and culture throughout the college community.

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